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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Should I duck now, or later?

Ya'll probably don't want to hear this, but I'm moving...Again...Hee hee! I've been meaning to post this new link for a few day's now, but Blogger has been such a pain, that I've gotten tired of waiting on it...

Missouri Queen

I've been having so many problem's with Blogger the past few day's...Everytime I go to update it keep's giving me error's, or it will take forever, and a day to load...

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I did it!!


I'm definitely a "Happy Girl" right now! :) I can't believe it!!

We went to town today...I was going to get me a digital camera, but the one I wanted they didn't have in stock...So, we are going to go back later this week, and see if they have it again...I got me Dale Jr. jama's, B429 cd, and LeeAnn Rimes greatest hits, and undies...They are adorable too! To darn cute!

My cousin Timmy is staying the night...He's not really right...Ok, he is, but he isn't...It isn't something that could keep him from getting a job, and stuff...His mom is the reason why he's still living at home...He's 35 year's old, and is still at home! Which wouldn't be so bad, if he actually had a job!!! My family is more screwed up than Heaven only know's what...

Today is my sister's 24th birthday...That's really about all on that subject...We didn't really do any exciting...

Oh, we got us a new air conditioner...It cools about 25,000 sq. feet! So can't wait to get it in...AND it even has a remote control...Who would have thunk it? Huh?

I only seen one ED cd at wal*mart...It was the first one...A million DB cds...Either it hadn't been very long after they stocked, or not to many of his cd's have sold...They usually only stock once, or twice a week...Shocking I know...I tried to find me some Sawyer Brown, but nooooooooo! They didn't have any of their's...Made me mad...All I wanted, was to feed my SB need...Is that to much to ask for? I'm guessing so...I would have went to hastings, but goody dog paw they are high!

It's hotter than the dickens here...It atleast got up to 101 today...I'm so sick of being hot, I could scream! Just think, the real hot hasn't even gotten here yet!!! :(

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Parallel parking + B= Road kill dad!

I am seriously the #1 person that officially suck's at parallel parking...First I hit my dad, which was pretty funny! Then my dad kept confusing me...Then he yelled at me...Then he slammed on the parking brake...My dad is a total freak when it come's to this stuff...I hit the curb, and the invisible car...Which my dad made sure I knew it! Then he would be like "speed-up" "slow down" "you didn't stop"...AAAAH! SHUT THE **Bad word** UP! He made me such a nervous wreck, that I'm litterly in tears!

The parallel parking space, was about as long as my mom's car...How do you park in something that small??? STUPID PEOPLE OF DONIPHAN! I so want to tell whoever made up parallel parking, to take it and stick-it up their **Bad word**...

I'm so aggervated, that I could scream! It isn't like I have a week to learn it...I have just today...My permit is out of date, on the 6th of July...


In other news, Billy Dean, LeeAnn Rimes, and other artist's are doing a tribute song to Billy Graham...I heard it on the 700 Club this morning...Go figure, it almost made me cry! I'm just to darn sensitive...I cry on almost everything...I get really nervious, I cry...I get mad, I cry...I get really happy, I cry...When I'm sad, I cry! I'm alway's freaking crying...The good Lord only know's what i'll be like, if I ever get pregnant! I think I cry everyday....Seriously...

Anyway...I have to go let my dog out, and just calm my nerves...I so hope I pass my test tomorrow!